Why hello there, human.

How nice of you to come here.

Welcome to JaonHax's Repository, where I, JaonHax, and others dedicated to breaking the hell out of Wikidot can keep code and other stuff we're working on.

Basically, this is pretty much just a thing. Nothing too special about it, until you start [[include]]ing pages from here. Then things get spicy.

If you want to join the madness, you can do so using the page here. By doing so, you can create pages in any user-created category. I do have to accept your join request for this, however.

Otherwise, you can use the bar below to create a page in the nonmember: category, which is so people can still post if they're not a member, but those who are members get to make their own templates and stuff for personal categories. Non-members cannot upload files to the site, however (this is because this site has the whole extremely restrictive 300 MB storage cap).

Anyhow, it's basically just a sandbox. I can just make things happen here that I can't elsewhere.

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